Tuesday 30 September 2014

The Three Frontiers

The Iguazú falls are in the border of Argentina and Brazil.

Paraguay is also nearby - just over the bridge from Foz
do Iguaçu - the nearest town to the falls from the Brazilian side.

From Puerto Iguazú in Argentina, where we were stayed while visiting the falls, you can walk down to a viewpoint that overlooks the two rivers that form the borders for the 3 countries.

The picture above is taken from Argentina. The landmass on the left is Parguay, separated from Argentina and Brazil by the Paraná River. On the right you can see Brazil, separated from Argentina by the Iguazú River.

There are markers on each of the three banks painted in the colours of the flags of their respective countries. Above is a photo of us with the Argentinian marker.

Across the Paraná River, we could see the Paraguayan marker (above). And just across the Iguazú River, the Brazilian marker was in view (below).

It was quite a novelty to see the three countries from just one point and a pretty walk along the river back into Puerto Iguazú.

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