Thursday 21 August 2014

Photographing Palermo

On one of our afternoons in Buenos Aires we went on a Foto Ruta Iphoneography workshop and tour to help us to better
use our iPhones for taking street photos. 

The workshop and tour took us around the Palermo area of Buenos Aires - a leafy middle class area filled with restaurants, bars, parks, museums and night clubs. 

Leafy ...
We'd not explored the area much during the day and so this was a good opportunity for us to get to know it better. 

We particularly enjoyed some of the street art in the area.

The workshop itself was a little disappointing/over-priced for what we got. Our guide did very little to advise us on composing our shots or on how we could improve on those we had taken. 

However, she did let James lose with a fish eye lense.

And the fact that we were on a photo tour made us think more about what we were photographing and less shy about asking people if they minded if we took their photo. 

She also introduced us to the delights of snapseed - an app that you can use to edit your photos. (Although her advice for using it was 'just to play about with it' to see how it worked.)

But, we did get a glass of wine at the end of the tour So it wasn't all bad!

Here are a few more of our favourite pictures from that afternoon. Which one do you like best?

Close up with a macro lense


Furniture at the antiques market

Nosy pigeons

An Argentinian lady enjoying a traditional mate in the antiques market

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