Friday 20 February 2015

Photo Friday: Viewing the moon

Looking through our photos from our South American trip, I found these amazing pictures that we took of the moon! 

Even more amazingly, they were taken on an iPhone! 

While we were in Nazca in Peru, we went to the Maria Reiche planetarium at the Nazca Lines Hotel. Maria Reiche was a German researcher who dedicated her life to research on the Nazca Lines and was successful in raising their profile and ensuring the protection of the Nazca desert.

The planetarium offers nightly shows about the lines and potential links with the skies.

The staff who run the show also have a telescope to allow you to view the actual night's skies and in our case capture clear photos through the telescope of our cratered moon. 

It was an incredible sight! Just look at the detail in this last shot.


  1. These were taken with an iPhone?! They are amazing! I know the cameras on our phones can do some incredible things but wow! Great captures!

    I host a Photo Friday link-up every week. I'd love it if would consider joining our growing community of blogger photographers.

  2. Yup - with an iPhone. Worked really well as the lense was the right size for photographing through the telescope!

    Thanks for the invite. Will check out the the blog!