Wednesday 10 August 2016

Under the sea!

During our honeymoon in Tanzania, we took the opportunity to explore below sea as well as above. 

We went diving a number of times with One Ocean Dive Centres, who had one of their many satellite bases at our hotel, Ocean Paradise, on Zanzibar. 

They took us to the dive sites at the Mnemba Atoll Conservation area - the most well known area to dive, on they island,  which is just off the North East coast.

They were very professional and looked after us very well. They seemed to have a dive instructor per person/couple!

And they were great at spotting fish and unusual underwater creatures. I was particularly impressed with our instructors ability to see the very well camouflaged stone fish, scorpion fish and other fish that didn't look like fish! (Sorry no photos)

We also enjoyed seeing a range of other fish from pretty clown fish, grouper, spotted garden eels, the hard to spot leaf fish and the funny looking frog fish.

But the absolute highlight had to be the school of dolphins that swam over our heads. It was such a magic moment, reminding me of the importance of looking all around you to see the best things under the sea (including upwards!).


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