Monday 20 January 2014

Getting Started

Our adventure to South America starts in just over 6 weeks, which is a little unnerving as I feel like we've lots to do, but not quite sure I know exactly what it all is!

I've been researching places to go and what to see and have found some really good blogs to help me on my way, including Erin and Simon on their Never Ending Voyage, which has some great tips on what to take and what not to take when going on a long term trip. They've also done lots in South America and are vegetarian, so seeing how they survived in a very meat orientated continent has also been very useful.

The other blog I have found immensely helpful is the Globetrotting Girls by Dani and Jess, who are also vegetarian and who are in South America right now, so have useful up to date tips and information and some great pictures! Links to those two blogs are: and

I've also been glued to my lonely planet, have finally booked flights - we're flying to Lima on 5th March - and have also booked on an Inca Trail (although still waiting to hear from the company that we are definitely booked in). 

So, the current plan is to fly to Lima, spend a few days there, then travel down the coast and make our way slowly to Cuzco. From there we'll (hopefully) do the Inca Trail and then onto Lake Titicaca, before heading over the border to La Paz in Bolivia. 

We are thinking of stopping in Bolvia for a little while and taking some Spanish classes in Sucre, based on a strong recommendation from the Never Ending Voyage duo. Then possibly a trip to the Amazon from there, the Salt Flats and then into Chile. And that's about as far as I have planned. so far. I was thinking about going down through Chile and Argentina to Patagonia and then Tierra del Fuego, but it will be deepest darkest winter and so I'm not sure if its the wisest choice. 

Meanwhile, James has been busy sorting out the house and its now being advertised for rent. So we have to start packing up our stuff and more importantly we need to work out what to do with our poor fish :-(


  1. Hello you two - where are you? from PCW

  2. Sorry PCW & all: we've been doing lots of running around in our first few days & wifi not great where we are. We'll start uploading photos and commentary very soon! X